P. van der Wegen Gears

Since 1880 P. van der Wegen Gears BV, as a member of the privately owned PWT-Group, is a World leading designer and manufacturer of open gear-sets, gears, gear-boxes, pinions and worm-gears based in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

This high standard of gear-manufacturing technology has resulted in a radical reduction of lead times and in the ability to achieve standards of accuracy of DIN-quality 6 with gear-cutting and DIN-quality 1 with Profile-geargrinding.

The newest Multi-axle CNC-machinery dedicated to Kiln and Mill gear production in our temperature-controlled facilities ensures that P.van der Wegen Gears BV retains its position at the industry's leading edge.

P. van der Wegen Gears BV is employing some 85 skilled workers and has a unique capability to machine quality gears according to DIN, ISO or AGMA standards up till 16,5 meters in diameter and a maximum weight of 250 tons.
P. van der Wegen Gears BV recommends three material-technologies for these applications, which require the highest integrity in both materials and precision machining;
  • Fabricated Girth Gears in Steel with maximum hardness HB 350 - P. van der Wegen Gears BV uses a unique welding process to fabricate both small and large gears to ensure all material properties such as Hardness and Tensile strength are maintained together with the highest weld integrity demanded by these heavy duty applications. Fabricated gears combime shortened lead times for critical project time lines with precision engineered excellence.
  • Cast Gears in Steel with max 280 HB.
  • Cast Gears in Ductile Iron with max 350 HB.
Some applications for our open gear-sets are;
  • AG/SAG Mills
  • Pelletizers iron ore processing
  • Limestone grinding
  • Coal pulverisation in thermal power plants
  • Grinding in cement manufacturing
  • Mineral processing in mining applications
  • Sugar Milling
Our, in Gent (Belgium) based, Gear Engineering and Design Department (P. van der Wegen Belgium BVBA) ensures that gear-sets are designed and produced in full compliance with our customers technical specifications. Our calculating programmes are based on current DIN, AGMA and ISO Standards.

PWT is member of:

  • Lovense Kanaaldijk 113 | 5013 BJ Tilburg | The Netherlands
  • T. +31(0)13 536 2000 | F. +31(0)13 543 3122 | E. info@vanderwegen.com